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We at Damboo are looking for ways to make the world a better place, starting from the individual commitment of our employees, right to the company long-term strategy. What is more, our commitment to global, social and environmental issues is one of the foundation stones of the business.

That is why we donate 0.7% of our revenue to Non-Governmental Organizations and to cooperation & charity funds. That is why we do our bit towards environmental protection by avoiding and preventing any kind of pollution, encouraging the usage of recycled paper whenever possible, and promoting energy-saving plans among other measures. That is why the practices we have put in place guarantee that all employees are treated equally and fairly, that equal opportunities and social benefits are part of our company values, and that there is a healthy balance between work, leisure and family time.

Although Damboo is not a multinational conglomerate as yet, we take pride in doing our part, every day and in every way, because we are aware that a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.